Review: (I started learning a little ... Chinese?!)

15 Oct 2013 Logo

For a while now I've been trying to decide what language to learn next.

Of course, I'll keep learning Polish! I've been reading the Song of Ice and Fire books (ie. Game of Thrones) in Polish and practicing speaking at the end of our weekly voice chat meetings on

It's just that I'm already at a pretty advanced level and it's no longer as challenging as it used to be.

But which language to learn? They ALL seem interesting! But learning a language is a big commitment and no languages excite me as much as Polish did. :-/

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend and he told me he was learning how to read Chinese menus on This sounded really awesome, because:

  1. I'd be able to use it right away! While I have no connection to China or the Chinese people, I do eat Chinese food often and the menus at Chinese restaurants are always written in both English and Chinese.
  2. It doesn't require much commitment. Learning a whole new language will take lots of time and effort - but just learning to read a menu is a simple way to get started.

So, I decided to review by learning to read a little Chinese!

Today's article also includes a video where I show you how Memrise works and we go to a Chinese restaurant to try out what I've learned!

Of course, you can learn many more languages on than Chinese, including: English, Polish and dozens of others. Maybe it'll help you learn your next language?

Read more to find out!

"Czytamy w oryginale - wielkie powieści" - great material for learners of English or Polish

26 May 2012

(If you haven't voted for LinguaTrek yet in the "Top 100 Language Learner Blogs" contest, only two days remain! The voting last until May 28th at 5:00pm CST (or midnight Polish time). If you have a free minute, please vote!)

Wojtek - a reader of my blog who regularly comments - just sent me an e-mail about a very interesting product which matches the learning methods I describe in my ebook very well!

Wojtek writes: (translated from Polish - see the original here)

I'd like to inform you about some excellent materials for learners of English and even those wanting to learn Polish.

„Czytamy w oryginale – wielkie powieści” ("We're reading in the original - great novels") it is a recently republished series of simplified novels (graded readers) for learners of English. So far 2 parts have been published - in total 10 classic stories. Today I just received my copies in the mail. The price for one part is 19.99 PLN (around $6).

Read more, to see the rest of Wojtek's e-mail!

Review: Polygloto Polish

1 Nov 2011

This is the fifth installment in a series of reviews of products for learning Polish.

Polygloto logo

Polygloto Polish is an online Polish language course created by, one of the largest online language learning portals for Poles.

Read more for the full review!

Review: Polish Through Legends

28 Jun 2011
Cover of Polish Through Legends

This is the fourth installment in a series of reviews of products for learning Polish.

Not long ago, I reviewed the free content on Real Polish. Today, I'm going to review one of the paid free courses (Ed: this course is now free!) by the same author: Polish Through Legends.

Read more for the full review!

Use Lang-8 to practice writing!

21 Jun 2011
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Lang-8 front page

Writing is a skill that's frequently neglected when learning a language. People tend to focus more on reading, listening and speaking.

Writing is a skill that should be very easy to practice over the internet, but what if you don't know any native speakers? Or what if the two native speakers you do know are tired of constantly correcting your writing? ;-)

In this article, I'm going to review Lang-8: a free website where you can have your writing corrected by native speakers!

Read more to find out about this wonderful service!


10 May 2011
PolishPod101 logo

This is the third installment in a series of reviews of products for learning Polish.

Today I'm going to review It's a collection of audio and video lessons for beginners and advanced learners (at this time, they don't have any intermediate materials). Most of the material is available for free and includes transcripts.

Read more for the full review!

Real Polish: Excellent Polish content for learners!

3 May 2011
Real Polish logo

Since far fewer people study Polish than, say Spanish, Russian or Arabic -- it can be hard to find really great material in Polish for learners.

On the one end of the spectrum, there's no lack of textbooks, grammar references, phrasebooks or vocabulary lists. On the other end, it's easy to get books, movies or podcasts intended for native speakers of Polish. But it's difficult to find something in between.

Today I'm going to review Real Polish. It's a collection of videos and podcasts (audio) -- all in Polish! -- for learners at any level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). And almost all of the material is completely free!

Read more for the full review!

Review: Pimsleur Quick & Simple Polish

26 Nov 2010
Cover of Pimsleur Quick & Simple CDs

Pimsleur is a popular series of audio courses for learning a variety of languages. They come in two types: "Comprehensive" and "Quick & Simple". Basically, the "Quick & Simple" version is the first 8 lessons of the "Comprehensive" version.

I used "Comprehensive Russian I" when I started learning Russian and later "Quick & Simple Polish" when I started with Polish. This article is a review of my experience with these programs.

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